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garamel (gar’ e mel)  A mouthful of something just this side of heaven.  When tasting a garamel you don’t just eat a garamel you become the garamel.



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The first thing is the name Garamel.  The gar in the pronunciation rhymes with car.  The name evolved from Gary's Caramels to Garamel Caramels by combining my name and Melanie, my wife's name.

I am often asked if the recipe for Garamels is some secret family recipe.  That would be nice if that was the case.  It would certainly make a good story of how my great grandfather escaped Europe during World War I with nothing but a recipe and a dream.  Unfortunately, it is nothing like that.  The recipe is right on the side of the can.  I learned to make them in 9th grade “Boy’s Chef” class in 1973.  I have made a few modifications and I have also made some substitutions, but other than that it is still the same recipe as seen on the side of the sweetened condensed milk can.


  People tell me I shouldn’t give away the recipe, but it is not mine in the first place.  At the Farmer’s Markets many people come up and say they make some themselves, but they don’t turn out as good, they are too putsy to make or whatever and end up buying some because of those reasons.  I say thank GOD for being putsy and not turning out.  I don’t expect everyone to buy some because no matter what I do or say someone is always going to say they make them better.  This is directed to those who enjoy good things and appreciate the fact that others will make Garamels for them.


   People always say I should sell them.  These people being the ones on the cursed list.   Some have said it is a curse because even as they taste fantastic, they do add the pounds.  I tell them, “There are only calories in these if you want them to be.  If there were calories in them I would be big as a barn because I have three or four taste tests from every batch not to mention any I gobble down just because I want one.”  So no calories it is just that simple.


 Many years I didn’t know how to go about selling Garamels.   A couple of years ago during the city picnic in Holdingford, Minnesota, they decided to have a Farmer’s Market.  The people in charge said all you had to do was bring your table, your wares, and some money for change and there you go.   It took awhile for me to make my first sale, but once I did it opened the floodgates.  I sold some 47 or so packages of five-packs that I had made.  This convinced me that this could be somewhat lucrative.  I then signed up for the Avon Farmer’s Market for the rest of the summer.  I did the St. Joseph winter market and the following summer I signed up for the Avon and Cold Spring farmer’s market. 


  At these markets I had a number of people tell me how they would sell them in their stores.  I would always respond to this saying “I would love to do this, but I would need to make the Garamels in a certified kitchen.


   I managed to find a certified kitchen that I could afford to rent. 


  This brings us up to today.  If you are reading this that means someone has given you a “Garamel” to taste.   You tasted it and you visited our site because you knew you would have to have some more Garamels so you could enjoy the sweet, creamy, buttery taste as it melts in your mouth.  You may have seen a poster or heard of them and you got our web address and would like a FREE sample so that you can taste not just eating a Garamel but experiencing becoming a Garamel.

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